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The Fiesta del Pilar attracts young people from all over Spain because it includes religious themes, extravagent flower displays, concerts, dances and much more.

The parade of the giant figures is a sight to behold and, unsurprisingly, people eagerly wait to see this traditional extravaganza take place. In the spirit of liveliness and community, there will be concerts taking place all over the city with many international performers.

Come with us and explore the capital of Aragón!

The history of Zaragoza dates back over 2,000 years and still has many traces of the past. Inhabited since the bronze age, it has Iberian origins dating from the third century and throughout the centuries it has been home to Romans, Muslims, and almost all civilisations that have occupied the Iberian Peninsula.
It was the capital during the Aragon reign (which upon joining the Kingdom of Castille gave rise to the current Spain) and the headquarters where they crowned all of the kings of Aragón for hundreds of years.
Today Zaragoza is the fifth most populated city in Spain and it joins modernity, tradition and history with elegance and pride. It is situated along the river Ebro, the largest river in Spain whos beauty reflects the beauty of the two cathedrals (the Catedral-Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza, and the Seo o Catedral del Salvador de Zaragoza) and the city. It’s group of Moorish monuments consists of the Patrimonio de la Humanidad, the impressive basilica of Pilar home to one of our most famous and well known painters: Goya and the Plaza de la Hispanidad is a place immortalized through pictures. It will be a very special day!
Bus from valencia to zaragoza, once there we will have a local profesional guide who will show us the most important and beautiful of the city! then we will have free time to discover the city and join the big party on the streets, with thousends of visitors, activities all day long, music on the streets, and we can drink and dance until late in the night before coming back to Valencia.


√ Private Bus from Valencia to Zaragoza
√ Official tourist guide to Zaragoza City.
√ Free time to visit the city at your leisure.
√ Free time party
√ Photographer
√ Soyerasmus Team Coordination
√ Private Bus from Zaragoza to Valencia

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