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Soy Erasmus Valencia is a guide, a community and a sentiment.

We have become a way of life, with our own identity. Every year we grow and get bigger! Erasmus Valencia offer much more than just an exchange of universities, much more than just a change of city, and much more than enriching yourself with a new language, you will be part of a unique experience that will be engraved in your mind as dreams, memories and happiness.

Students from all across Europe will be sharing a city, the same lifestyle along with thousands of moments full of different experiences, places and people. This is not a vacation trip, it is not a excursion of Spanish culture nor a simple exchange. This is Erasmus Valencia! and only those who have lived it can understand that we are almost a philosophy, we are a family that requires only a few short months to leave an imprint on our hearts . So if you are about to come to Valencia then you are welcome to this community 'Soy Erasmus’ . We want to be your guide, your friend and share your memories with you.






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